Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hyrum and the Holidays

Here's a quick snapshot of my little guy's first Christmas and New Year's, complete with those all-important photos!
As many of you know, we moved to West Virginia to stay with my family for a few months while Brian waits for training to begin for his job as a Spanish teacher in Maryland.  Here's Hyrum helping with the packing.  It really freaked him out that his bed, his toys, and everything else he loved was going into cardboard boxes, but he did enjoy climbing them.
The scariness of moving did not, however, interfere in any way with his extreme enjoyment of his baths. Bathwater has become his second favorite beverage (nothing can compare with mother's milk, of course) whenever we have put cups into the bathtub.  He'll even suck the water intensely from a washcloth, which my mother informs me used to be rumored to give one typhoid fever.  Yikes! (And yes, that is a string of drool hanging from his mouth.  Amazing, I know.)
Ok, but on to actual holiday-time delights.  Here's my little bun-son enjoying his Christmas orange (aka "cutie").  Ok, actually just licking the outside.  But he still liked it.
One of Hyrum's favorite activities continues to be going on a walk.  Whether in the stroller or the backpack, as long as it's not freezing he's game.
With Daddy and "pretty Aunt Mary"!

"Help! They're making me wear this HAT!"

Hyrum and Grandma in winter attire.
Hyrum was very excited about the visit he received from his cousins Savannah, Matthew, and Johnny and his Uncle Bill and Aunt Angela at New Year's.  Besides enjoying Quinn family "FUN-due!" he also appreciated Johnny's willingness to wrestle with him and Matthew and Savannah's more gentle caretaking.  Uncle Bill got him to wave for the first time by pointing at him and saying, "I know YOU!  We met at Kukenhoff's!" repeatedly.  It was great.

Uncle Bill, Matthew and Johnny shooting hoops

Here's Hyrum at "The Little House" in Shepherdstown! Just the right size!

Johnny takes on Uncle Brian.
This was the best.  Hyrum and Johnny wrestled very nicely, as you can see from this video.

And here's a final word: don't try to wrap Hyrum up in a blanket and carry him around like a cute little baby.  He just doesn't like it.
NOOOOOO I hate this blanket take it away NOW!

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