Monday, November 15, 2010

The Continued Adventures of Mr. H. R. Quinn

Well, the little guy just gets cuter every day.  He's actually stood on his own a couple of times, but only for a split second before he falls on his bum.  But there's a lot less dramatic head-smacking crashing onto the floor, which is better for everyone.  For those of you who haven't seen him crawl yet, here's H in action.
Little Baby Quinn and I recently visited the pumpkin patch and got some cute pictures.  We didn't really do much besides walk around taking cute pics and buy some hecka good apple cider, but next year I have a feeling he's going to be ready to take on that hay bale maze head-on.
I think this is the best idea EVER.  Mystifying....but only if you're shorter than three feet tall. ;-)

"Mommy!  My tummy is showing!  The world will know!"
Hyrum, Official Halloween Quality Control Officer, inspects the pumpkins.
Hyrum's recent favorite activities include clapping (which is silent, but still adorable), taking all of the tupperware and my springform pans out of "his" kitchen cupboard while I'm cooking, and eating everything.  And by everything, I mean if there is a microscopic piece of say, oh say dead leaf, that the vacuum does not pick up, Hyrum uses his newly-acquired pincer grip to get it between his (VERY SHARP) teeth and usually swallows it before I can get to him.  I know that this makes me sound like a terrible mother, but even though I vacuum and sweep daily, sometimes TWICE daily, there's some things you just can't get.  Like, say, those little paper dots that fall out of three hole punches.
On the bright side, he also likes real food.  Recent favorites include yogurt mixed with pureed fruit (LOVES this) and cracker.  He can hold a whole big piece of cracker and take little bites out of it like a big boy, causing me to sob, "My little baby's growing up!!" But I can't stop it, so I might as well just enjoy every darling minute.
And for your final enjoyment, here are some cute-face pictures of my little dumpling and his blocks, which Brian made for him. Still no hair, but isn't he the sweetest baldy you've ever seen??


Hanners said...

I can't handle how adorable he is.

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