Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bun is ONE!

So, my cute little bun is one. And suddenly a little man. Who knew this would happen so fast?
AMAZING accomplishments have heralded his one-ness. Like, for example, his first haircut. I know what you're thinking.
Ok. It's true. He's a little baldy. But there was this seriously absurd right-behind-the-ear hair that made him look like an octogenarian. Or Gollum. And I wanted him to look like a cute little boy! So Brian got out the clippers and went to town. And by "went to town," I do mean, completed his haircut in less than two minutes. Mommy got her clipping for the scrapbook, and now he doesn't resemble a creepy creature.

Yes. Well. What a darling. So obviously I made him some birthday cupcakes...they were half whole wheat flour, which sounds sketchy for cupcakes, but actually they were the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. Airy and light as a feather with a rich, surprising flavor. Then some buttercream frosting, and Hyrum's favorite - fresh blackberries. Which, not shockingly at all, he ate off the top, mainly mangling and smashing the rest of his cake (with just a little frosting-licking for good measure. See our shameless documentation?

Oh, and did I mention he walks all the time now? Five and six steps in a row sometimes. He says "dada" (dad), "bah" (ball - his favorite birthday present. $1. thank you Walmart), "ohhhhh" (uh-oh), and "mama" ("I pooped, and I need you to change me, mom." Seriously. He only calls me mama in this instance. Hopefully this will change). So in other words, he's amazing, and his hugs and kisses are like the best present anyone could ever get. More updates soon!

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Hanners said...

He is so cute and amazing and I love him!