Monday, August 9, 2010

Hyrum's First Camping Trip

Hyrum's first camping trip was true to form for this trooper of a baby: no fussing.  No fighting.  No signs of concern that we were sleeping in a tent.  No crying about smoke in his eyes.  I am convinced you could climb K-2 with this baby). As soon as we set the tent up he contentedly crawled around inside ("Hey!  This is way bigger than that baby cage you put me in at home!").

"Don't worry, I'll guard the tent."

We went up to Plummer, Idaho, not far from the first real nude ranch I have ever seen.  Really.  It's called the "Sun Meadow Resort."  And it claims to be a family oriented place, which as far as I can tell from their website, is actually true.  I'm not planning a trip there anytime soon (ok, EVER), but it doesn't seem as creepy as I thought it would be.  Though, can you imagine telling your teenagers you were going there on a family vacation?  This might be a great set-up for a movie.
"I'd make a wish, but I'm already asleep...and what more could you want?"

We were technically camping in the Heybourne National Park, which is right next to the incredibly blue Chatcolet Lake.  I'd never camped by a lake before.  Much nicer than regular camping, because it's like being at the beach too (except minus sunburns, bikinis, fat men wearing too-small swimming attire, and overpriced food).  We went down to the boat dock and dangled our feet in the water, though Brian had to assure me that nothing would bite my feet.
And if you don't watch out, he'll pull all your hair out!

"No! I only want to go on a hike if I can wear hiking boots!"

Fact: Brian does ALL the cooking on our campouts for several reasons. 
1. He likes to.
2. I don't like to, because it takes a million years to cook almost anything and by the time it's cooked I'm ravening and angry that I have to pick through my tinfoil dinner in the dark, and I just want to throw it into the foods, devil-may-care about attracting bears, and dive into the tent and eat mint-creme-filled oreos and junior mints (the two items I always brought to Girl's Camp---which now grosses me out completely).  Fortunately, this time we brought foccacia bread and grapes which I ate while Brian cooked, which made everything better.
3. Brian is a dang GOOD camp cook, unlike me (see #2), and he made shish kebabs for dinner and sausage egg burritos for breakfast.  Very delicious and didn't even take that long!
Brian's very nice shish kebabs
Brian Quinn, Camp Cook Extraordinaire!


Hanners said...

These pictures are so adorable, and I must say that is a mighty fine onesie Hyrum's sporting.
Also I would like one of Brian's shish kebabs.

Marsha Jo said...

Brian always was the best person to go camping with... you are one lucky girl Sarah. To have two boys to be with must make it even better! Glad you had a good time. I am sure the sharks in the water weren't big ones.